Saturday, May 12, 2018

Islamorada Fishing Spring Update

Hello Fishers,

Tarpon Fishing is Hot, Hot, Hot right now!  The tarpon are here as strong as ever.  Evening trips are producing some serious numbers.  Mr. Roy Shepard from England got his workout on several huge tarpon over the last few nights.    Awesome drag screaming runs, fantastic towering leaps are expected and delivered from the Silver King in it's extraordinary effort to escape.  This is prime time and these migratory fish will remain in the Keys to be challenged by any and all who are up to the task through June.  Evening fishing seems to have fewer boats on the water this year...but the tarpon have swarmed into the area and have inhabited by the thousands.  The average size is 100-150 pounds and you can bet on a spectacular tackle testing fight from start to finish.  

The backcountry fishing remains solid with plenty of reliable trout, snapper and sharks.  Speckled Sea Trout up to 24 inches and as many as you want to catch on most days.  Mangrove snapper are always plentiful and tasty.  Bluegills on steroids is my reference to the Mangrove they are large in numbers and strong as a bull.  Bull Sharks, Lemon Sharks and the "Tasmanian" Blacktip Sharks are also plentiful and offer the ultimate tug of war for those who dare.  Bulls and Lemons pushing the scales into the hundreds of pounds and Blacktips up to 80-100 pounds.  Redfish have been difficult to locate but the Snook are large, strong and an awesome challenge for those who love to pound the water with artificial baits and/or soak a pinfish.  We're catching some baby Tarpon in the mix targeting the Snook and Reds along with some hard fighting big Jacks.  All in All the fishery is strong and holds up to it's reputation as "The Fishing Capital of the World".

Islamorada and Key Largo are shaping up nicely after Hurricane Irma last September.  Many of the Hotels/Motels made some beautiful improvements, some are still in the process.  The Keys are still recovering from Hurricane Irma but the improvements are giving us a much needed makeover.  

I'm trailering my boat out of the newly remodeled Pelican Cove Resort and Founders Park Marina in Islamorada until PCI is back up and running.  The PostCard Inn (PCI) is rebuilding and I will be happy to be back in their New and Improved Beautiful Marina A.S.A.P. 

Come on down and revisit the new and improved Florida Keys.  Experience the fabulous fishing while your here.  It is the Fishing Experience of A Lifetime!!!

Captain Steve Murray
Phone: (305) 393-1641

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