Monday, February 21, 2011

Fish Bites

It may be wintertime in most of North America - but it's basically springtime here in South Florida.  Mid to upper 70's during the day and 60's at night - beautiful weather - and the fish are bite-in!! 
Andy from Michigan found out the hard way why we call 'em snapper down here.  He got his finger a little too close to the mouth of a mangrove snapper and "Ouuuch" this fish Bites!!  Yep, Andy - that's why they call 'em snapper. 
In the last few weeks we've been catching lot's of redfish, trout and snapper.  Some really nice spanish mackerel out west of Everglades National Park with some trout, snapper, pompano and a few triple tail in the mix.  The snook fishing has been pretty good the last few trips.  Andy from Michigan felt the furry of the savvy snook.  He landed 3 or 4 snook up to 5 pounds and lost a couple in the mangroves.  They love to scream off the drag and get you into those bushes!  
The tarpon season is right around the corner and I've seen a few of the big monsters swimming around lately.  They are already starting to show up and I've got the heavy gear all lubed up and ready.  The peak time for tarpon is generally mid April through Mid July - but I start catching some nice size fish (30-70 pounders) in the early part of March.
So, if your tired of looking at the snow and ice - or you just want to do some fishing.  Come on down to South Florida.  The weather is beautiful and the fish are biting!
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