Sunday, March 11, 2012

How's the Fishin?

How's the Fishing?  I get asked this question quite regularly.  How's the fishing going to be today?  To this I respond - ask me tomorrow or get in the boat and we will see.  I can tell you how it's been - but no-one can predict how it will be today.  That's why we call it fishing - not catching.  In general the fishing here is always good.  It's always good for something.  We have such a diverse fishery - there's always something biting.  Even on a slow day of fishing here in the Keys - it's still better than a good day in most other places throughout the world. 
That being said - lets talk about how the fishing has been.  The trout bite is really awesome right now.  The sea trout are moving into their spring patterns and we are catching big numbers in the deep water grass.  We have been catching limits of very nice size fish up to 21 inches every day for the last couple weeks.  Great action for anyone who enjoys catching a lot of fish.  It's not uncommon to catch 80-100 on a good day.  We also catch jacks, ladyfish and the occasional pompano while targeting these feisty, tasty speckled sea trout.  Most of the restaurants in town will cook your catch and a few trout will feed two hungry anglers.  There is nothing better at the end of the day - than relaxing in a nice restaurant with a few drinks and enjoying the fish you caught that day.  They don't get any fresher than that.  The mangrove snapper are great eating as well and are always available to target.  I call them - bluegills on steroids because they are usually schooled up in big numbers, easy to catch, they taste great, they fight like they're 3 times their size and the average size is from about 7 to 14 inches.  A big one can be over 20 inches - but those are rare.  Great table fare and lots of action.
The redfish were biting well all winter.  We were catching 15-25 a day on the good days.  During the last couple weeks the reds have turned off.  Not so many fish caught - but to me this only means it's going to get better soon.  The good news is the snook bite turned on.  The snook are found in the same places we catch redfish - so, like I was saying earlier, our fishery is so diverse - there's always something biting.  Although the reds have been hard to catch the snook have turned on and some really nice size fish have showed up.   They have been averaging 5 to 9 pounds - and those are some drag screaming bruisers. 
Tarpon - oh yea Tarpon.  It's almost prime time for tarpon.  The migratory fish are making their arrival.  There are some fish here now and I expect the large numbers to start showing up soon with the warm weather we've had.  I have a few evening tarpon trips coming up in the next week and I expect to produce some good size fish.  This time of year most of the early arrivals are in the 50-80 pound range - but by mid April the big monsters (100-200 pounders) will be here.  If your into the muscle burn of battling these 100 pound plus monsters - book your trip now for spring and early summer tarpon action.
There are many other species we are catching - shark, spanish mackerel, black drum, sheepshead, tripletail and barracuda to name a few.  I love fishing - as much as anyone and we have a very diverse fishery to choose from.  If you want to know how the fishing's been - you can call and ask me.  If you want to know how the fishing is going to be - book a trip and we will find out together.
Captain Steve Murray
Phone:  305 - 393 - 1641