Saturday, June 1, 2013

Here Fishy Fishy!

If you say it, they will come.  Here fishy fishy!  People ask me "does that really work?"  To that I respond "It sure does, I say it every day!"  A good friend and client of mine Mr Dennis Wright is a regular user of this phrase and it works for him every time.  He will be here in a couple weeks to perform his magic fishy chant.  I can't wait to see the results.
Tarpon season has about one month to go and it's been a great one!  The evening tarpon bite has made many tarpon fishermen very happy.  One of the happiest is another good friend/client of mine Mr Jerry Graber.  Jerry accomplished what I have never witnessed before.  He landed an amazing 5 out of 5 drag screaming, head shaking, rocket launch jumping, swiming under the boat, around the boat TARPON!!!  Yes, 5 hooked and 5 landed tarpon.  Not small fish either!  He landed a 40, 50, 80, 90 and a 100 pounder...all in one evening tarpon trip(about 3 hours of tarpon fishing)!  For those of you who have never been tarpon fishing this may not seem to be such a great feat.  But for those who have caught know how difficult it is just to land ONE.  The average hook to catch ratio is about 1 tarpon caught for every 2 or 3 hooked.  Great job Jerry!  The tarpon have been averaging 100-130 pounds for the last month or so.  We landed a monster 180 pounder two eveings ago.  The great evening tarpon action should continue through June and into early July.
The trout and snapper bite coninues to be excellent and it's what you want to do if you are looking for some table fair.  They are plentiful, fun to catch and are great to eat!
Sharks are plentiful this time of year and I always have the gear ready for anyone who wants to do battle with JAWS.  Blacktips, Lemons and Bull Sharks are the majority of what we catch and they range in size from smaller 15 pounders up to the monster 300 pounders.  We caught a 90 pound blacktip yesterday and I had a young 12 year old man aboard a few days ago who landed an 80 pound lemon shark.  His biggest fish ever!  Nick Sabol invited his dad out for the first time with me a few weeks ago.  He caught a monster 300 pound Bull shark.  Nice catch Joe!  The sharks should be here, in force, until we get our first cold snap in November.  A cold snap for us is 65 degrees :)
Snook and redfish are on the flats right now and will be throughout the fall.  This is one of my favorite times to catch them on artificial lures.  I like to throw swim baits, spoons, jerk baits and a variety of Berkley gulps.  Site fishing or blind casting the flats and shorelines are producing some good numbers and nice size fish.  The reds are running from 2-7 pounds and the snook 2-12 pounds. 
There is always something biting in the Keys.  So, come on down and lets go fishing!  Don't forget the Magic phras HERE FISHY FISHY!!!!!
As always, thanks for reading,
Captain Steve Murray
Phone: (305) 393-1641