Thursday, June 2, 2016

Welcome to Tarpon Fishing

Kuuursplassshh!  Ziiinggg!!  Zoowwiie!!!  Zooom......OMG I got one!  Did you see that Fish jump...he must have been 6 feet out of the water!  What do I do??  ....Just hang on and let him run, if the the line goes slack start reeling as FAST as you can!!  Did you see the size of that FISH!!!!!  I've never fought a fish this strong before!   I think he's gone? ......he's NOT gone...REEL REEL REEL ...he's swimming toward you!!!  ZZiinggg!! Zoowiiee!! Zooom!!  Kuuursplasssshh!!!!  Your right, I still got him.....this is CRAZY!                 WELCOME to TARPON FISHING
Tarpon is a word for the present...they are here "bigtime".  Big smiles, sore arms and heart pounding out of your chest is what you can expect.  The Silver King never dissapoints.  Jaw dropping jumps, drag screaming runs.  This is the fish of a lifetime.  These are prehistoric wonders of the fish world.  If you haven't experienced the awesome fight of a need to put it on your priority list of "Must Things to Do". 
The migratory tarpon are the ones here now.  The average size is about 100-150 pounds with some of the monsters getting up to 200 plus.  They're migration brings them back to the Keys every Spring/early Summer to spawn .  After the spawn they spread out and move up the coastline.  Then in the Fall they school up again and start to migrate out to the warmer waters of the Gulf and into the Caribbean.  The Spring migration into the Keys usually starts in March and the peak time to catch the biggest ones is from mid-April through June.  They're usually finished spawning by the end of June ..but I still have caught these big ones into early July.  There's always a few stragglers hanging around throughout the year but the majority of the migratory fish follow the pre-described pattern.
Baby tarpon are present in and around the Keys all year.  They range in size from just a few pounds up to about 40 pounds.  We've been catching some baby tarpon in the backcoutry on medium/light spinning gear.  There are some areas where they can be more prevalent.. but for the most part you never know when you could hook-up with a baby silver king. 
Our World renowned fishery is unmatched anywhere for it's diversity.  Snook, redfish, tarpon, bonefish, permit, pompano, snapper, trout, black drum, sharks, grouper, mackerel, jacks, ladyfish ...and the list goes on and on......
The summer months will sizzle with a variety of offerings.  I offer eveing tarpon trips through June that will produce more of the monster Silver King tarpon.  The backcountry will be cooking with snook, reds, trout, snapper, baby tarpon, sharks and a host of others.  There's always something give me a shout and let's go fishing!
Captain Steve Murray
Phone: (305) 393-1641

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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Fishing Capital of the World

Islamorada is called "The Fishing Capital of the World".  A very profound statement.  Yet pretty darn accurate!  There are not many places in the world where you can fish for more then a few different species all in one location and any time of the year!  In Islamorada we have over 40 different species of saltwater fish that you can target on any given day.
The winter weather has kicked in and with it we are experiencing low tides and cooler water temperatures.  This means concentrations of fish in the channels, Island Moats, the deeper waters in the Gulf and Oceanside patch reefs. 
We put a great catch together on Saturday.  Phil Masser and wife Kelly experienced a fantastic multi-species catch.  Kelly didn't fish but she was an excited commentator and observer.  We started in the Gulf with many great size mangrove snapper.  From there we ran the trap lines for tripletail and boated 4 that were all just too short to keep.  We continued out to an old wreck in the Gulf and hammered some awesome fish.  We caught black grouper, gag grouper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, spanish mackerel, pompano, cobia, jack crevalle, blue runners and ladyfish.  After that we headed up to the mainland and hit another awesome spot where we spanked the redfish, black drum and boated one very nice speckled sea trout.  That's over a dozen different species, and I'm sure I missed a few, all in one day.  There are many places in the world where you don't catch a dozen of one species in one day!   We caught more then 70 fish and had a blast!
The cold weather and wind kicked up on Sunday and the bite was slow for a few days.  Wednesday and Thursday proved to be very good.  The mangrove snapper bite was "out of control".  All the snapper you wanted.  They were eating shrimp and biting so good we even caught several on a bare jig.  That's right, a bare jig with no bait on it!  I guess they were hungry?  The snook were smackin and snackin too.  We landed 5 nice snook yesterday afternoon.  They were inhaling our live baits (pinfish and shrimp).
The next few months should prove to be very productive for many of the winter species like black drum, sheepshead and spanish mackerel along with ALL the other species we have in our Fishing Capital of the World!!
Thanks for reading, head on down to the Keys for some awesome catching!
Captain Steve Murray
Phone: (305) 393-1641

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