Friday, May 6, 2011

Fish Catchin in the Keys

It's springtime in the Keys and the fish are right on schedule.  The business is great this year.  I have been out fishing almost every day since mid February.  Lots of happy customers and lots of "not so happy" fish. Although, these fish should be happy - they are getting a free meal, a free workout and some fish even get their picture taken!  The "not so lucky ones" get to come back for dinner. 
The trout bite continues to be spectacular - with many days producing well over 100 trout per day.  Jim and Al were in from Michigan for two days of fishing.  They come every year with a group of 10 and we fish a small tournament with 5 boats.  Each day rewards most fish per boat and biggest fish per boat.  We won "most fish" both days with 250 fish caught and released on day one and well over 100 fish on day 2!  The trout, snapper, ladyfish and jacks were very abundant.  We released a 13 pound black grouper on day 1 and had a nice 30 pound tarpon day 2 - but one of the other boats had a big barracuda on day 1 and another boat had a 100 pound tarpon on day 2.   Loads of fun - everyone had a great time.
The evening tarpon bite is still great and should only get better through June.  The bite was a little slow last week.  A few trips we only hooked up on 1 to 3 fish a night.  That's a pretty slow bite for evening tarpon fishing - but most trips have been producing at least 3 to 5 hookups on the Silver King.  A few weeks prior we were hooking 7 and 8 fish a night.  These fish have been in the 90-130 pound range and hooking up on more than 5 of these monsters in a night can be a real workout!  Nick from Chicago landed his first 100 pounder last Tuesday evening - I've known Nick for many years and I don't think I've ever seen him happier.  Almost every evening has produced at least one catch and on the best days we have landed 4 mammoth tarpon - on a 4 hour trip that's a lot of action.  Lots of sweat, sore arms and big smiles!!
The bonefishing was good last week.  We landed a beautiful 10 pounder on a 4 hour morning trip and had shots at 2 other small schools.  The bonefish fishing is very technical and requires patience and a very well placed cast.  The fish here are big - averaging 8-11 pounds - and they didn't get to be that big being stupid.  The bones are very spooky and if you can make a great cast and place it softly ahead of the grey ghost - you will experience a screaming drag run like you have never imagined. 
The weathers been beautiful and typically May has light winds.  Just enough wind to keep you comfortable on the water.  World class fishing here in the Keys for those who want to chase the fish of a lifetime and exceptionally great numbers of fish for those who just want to bend the rod.  Frank Conner - a regular client and good friend - brought the kids down from New York a few weeks ago and young Jake and Ashley showed there friends how it's done with some great trout, jack and ladyfish action.  Bring the kids down for the rod bending action - they will be hooked on fishing for life.
Hope to fish with you soon - please call ahead for reservations - I have many bookings through June.
Captain Steve Murray
Phone:  305 - 393 - 1641