Friday, August 5, 2011

Hot Hot Hot - Fishin Too

Temperatures are hot and so is the fishing.  We don't expect anything less this time of year.  The redfish bite has been red hot.  This past Wednesday we got into as many redfish as you wanted to catch.  Every cast was a nice red - and most of the fish were in the 20- 27 inch range - and it was literally EVERY CAST!   After catching 40-50 beautiful reds - Mike and Roland decided they would like to try something else???  Roland wants to get a shark - so, we left the reds, still biting, and hit one of my red hot shark spots.  Roland (from Germany) doesn't get too many sharks where he is from - and getting a huge man-eater shark on film was a big thrill for him - and the film will make a big hit with his buds back in Germany!  He battled and caught a nice 100 pound lemon shark and another 150 pound plus bull shark before we headed back home.
Ken and Patty (from Illinois) were in today and also wanted the catch the toothy critter (shark).  We hit a big muddy water spot and pulled in some nice tasty shark bait (ladyfish).  Then off to the shark spot.  In our 1/2 day trip they boated 7 teeth gnashing terrors of the sea!  They had a an excellent trip and got some great photos.
The trout are gorging themselves as well.  They are getting ready to make a mid summer spawn and some of these trout are big fat gators at 22 inch plus fish.  Lots and lots of action with most in the 12-19 inch range.  Hot, hot action - great fun for the family and excellent table fair. 
The snook are still hit and/or miss - but on the days we are finding them - we are getting some really nice size fish.  We landed a beautiful 14 pounder last week, lost one that was easily 16 pound plus and many feisty size fish in the 5-12 pound range.  Great fun, always a few drag screaming runs and jumps - and we are finding them in some of the same areas the redfish are frequenting.  So, hot action on the reds with some nice snook in the mix.
This is a great time to fish the backcountry.  The tides are high - allowing us to get up on some of the flats that are inaccessible in the winter and spring.  The water is warm influencing these fish to be more aggressive.  They will chase an artificial bait this time of year and eat it "in a heartbeat" - and that's always a huge thrill.  Weedless swim baits work great and I love seeing a big red, snook or tarpon "Blast" a fast moving artificial lure!  The tides and wind are key - and morning or late afternoon/evening are best.  Give me a shout if want to experience some great hot, hot, hot fishing.
Captain Steve Murray
Phone:  305 - 393 - 1641