Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fishing - The Greatest Water Sport

Summertime is here and everyone enjoys their favorite watersport - fishing!  Fishing in the Keys has been fantastic.  After some very strange weather in our winter/spring seasons - summer seems to be on track with great fishing and normal summer weather.  It is actually cooler in the Keys then it is throughout a large portion of the United States.
The big migratory Silver King (tarpon) are still here and battling as strong as ever.  I've been out on two evening tarpon trips this week and both trips produced several monster 110 pound plus tarpon. We boated one for two on Friday and 2 out of 4 on Monday.  You're sure to get a workout from these aggressive - never say die - fighters.  Not a good idea for the faint of heart.  We are headed out again tonite to do battle with the Silver King.  I don't know how much longer these big migratory fish will be hanging around this season.  The majority of them are usually spreading out up the coasts by the third week in July.  This year was a slow start - so maybe they will be hanging out a little longer?
The redfish have been out on the flats in very good numbers and are easy to catch if you can work a spoon, swim bait or any shrimp imitation.  They are very aggressive this time of year with the warm high water.  A few days ago we boated over 25 nice reds in less than two hours working the flats with gold and silver spoons.  These fish are averaging 2-6 pounds.
The trout bite has also been as good as ever with many fish in the 17-21 inch range.  Artificials are all I use this time of year - the fish are very aggressive - great fun to catch and great tablefair.  Catching 50-80 sea trout are common on a 1/2 day trip.  If you want to introduce a youngster to fishing - sea trout is a great way to get them started.  Catching is always more enjoyable for the beginners.  They know they're "doing it right" when they bring a fish in to the boat!
The snook have been good lately as well.  They can be hit or miss - but the days we've been into them - they are really nice size (5-14 pounds average) and if you put your time in - your chances of hooking into a beautiful linesider are very good.  One problem with catching snook this time of year - is the sharks.  There are BIG sharks hanging around in many of my snook spots and once you hook or catch a few snook - the sharks start to "key in" on them.  If you've seen the U-Tube video on my homepage you know what I mean.  Once the sharks move in - we will either move to another spot for snook - or put out a shark rod. 
The sharks are very abundant and if you want to do battle with Jaws - I have the equipment and the spots to produce several of these toothy critters.  Most of them are lemons, bulls and blacktips.  They average 60-200 pounds this time of year.
We also catch several other species in the mix - triple tail, jacks, pompano, snapper, lady fish, grouper, barracuda and many more.  The greatest thing about fishing in the Keys is - There is always Something biting.  Even on a bad day here in the Keys - the fishing is usually better then a good day in most other places.
So, bring yourself or a friend or the family to the Keys and give me a call. Then you too can Enjoy Everyone's Favorite Watersport - FISHING!!
Captain Steve Murray
Phone:  305 - 393 - 1641