Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fishing and Catching

When you go fishing in the Florida Keys you are sure to be catching.  There are those rare days when the bite may be slow..but if you have an open mind and just want to bend the rod, there is always something biting.  It's great to go fishing and enjoy the fresh air, the beatuty of nature and the anticipation of the next cast producing that fabulous fish...but when they're biting and your catching...that's when it's the best!
The tarpon bite was great as ever this year.  Many happy anglers caught their trophy tarpon with me this season.  Mr Frank Conner landed the biggest of the year weighing in at 170 pound monster!  When you hook up with one of these monsters fasten your safety belt and hang on!  They are spectacular fighters, ripping off hundreds of yards on a single run and jumping for freedom.  An experience that can never be forgotten.  The season for tarpon here is mid March through June.  The migratory tarpon start showing up in March and by mid April the really big ones are here in full force.  Tarpon averaging 100-150 pounds is what you can expect from Mid April through June.  I run an evening trip for tarpon that will produce a tarpon catch over 95% of the time.  If you want to catch a trophy tarpon of your lifetime, get your calender out and start looking at Spring of 2016.  Give me a call and let's do it!
The snook bite was very good this year too.  We had some awesome days with 20 and 30 fish landed.  Mr Roy Shepard from England had a few great days.  He was catching snook, baby tarpon and big sea trout all on artificial baits.  The snook were averaging 3 to 8 pounds, the baby tarpon were 3-10 pounds and the largerst trout was a whopping 26 incher!  Frank and Chip from New Jersey had a banner day in May landing 25-30 snook, 5 tarpon and a dozen sea trout...all in one afternoon trip!  The next day it was just me and Frank.  He landed a few baby tarpon and snook on artificial lures (gulps), then we headed out for the big tarpon and he landed that 170 monster.  Biggest of the year!  The biggest snook of the year was just caught a couple weeks ago in July.  It was a 37 inch fifteen pound pig.  Most of the year has been good for snook.  If we target snook and redfsh you can expect to catch 3 to 5 fish in an average day,  but there are those excellent days when you can get into 10, 20 or even more.
If your looking for table fair the snapper are always plentiful.  I call them bluegills on steroids because you can catch as many as you want and they are great eating.   When they are biting you are catching them as fast as you can put a shrimp on a jig, throw it in the water, let it hit the bottom and CRANK em in!!
Late Summer and Fall fishing is right around the corner.  We can expect the higher tides to be flooding the flats with some extra water.  This allows us to get into some great flats fishing with artificial lures for reds, snook, baby tarpon and sea trout.  I'm looking forward to some great fishing.  Captains advise is... "If you learn to fish good, you will catch good!"  So, get out their and practice your casting and you will give yourself the best opportunity for catching.  Because we enjoy fishing...but everyone loves catching!!!
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