Sunday, April 10, 2011

Therrrre Heeeere!

It Tarpon Time and there are here!!!
The last three evenings have produced 7 tarpon catches.  Thursday and Friday evening we fished in some of my "downtown" area spots.  These fish were averaging 25-80 pounds.  Saturday evening we fished the Monster run and landed 2 - 100 pounders.  When these tarpon start showing up in the Monster alley run - that is the sign that our migratory fish have arrived - and they will be here through June and into mid July.  So, if you ever wanted to catch "the fish of a lifetime" - a 100 pound plus tarpon - now through mid July is the time to do it!  These fish will average 100-150 pounds with a chance to hook-up with a 180-200 pound monster!  The tarpon are here to spawn - so this is the heaviest they will be all year.   
Phil and Greg fished with me the last 3 days/evenings and they each caught a backcountry slam on Saturday (tarpon, redfish and trout).  The trout bite has been outrageous with some of my spots producing a trout on almost every cast - for as long as you want to catch 'em!  We got into some redfish yesterday - they guys landed 5 or 6 reds.  The evening produced 2 beautiful 100 pound tarpon. 
I took the Berge family out last week and 7 year old Connor had the day of his life.  He caught all the trout he could handle and was just as excited catching the first one as he was to catch the 40th one. 
It's tarpon time - but it's also a great time to get into some nice reds, snook, trout, snapper and a host of others- and if you are a diehard hardcore fisherman it's also a great time to catch a big bonefish or permit.  Expect to spend the whole day going after the grey ghost (bonefish) or ever elusive permit.  One or two in a day is a very good day.  If you like lots of action - trout and snapper are very abundant.  The redfish can be hot action too.  One of the reasons this is such an amazing place to fish - is the great variety we have.  There is always something to target and always something biting.  Come on down and catch that fish of a lifetime - the tarpon are here!
Captain Steve Murray
Phone:  305 - 393 - 1641

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  1. Needless to say, the harshness of returning to work after days of great fishing sucks. As I reach for my motivating cup of coffee, sore arm muscles remind me of the total 500 some pounds of tarpon Phil and I fought and landed. This morning’s email will have to wait as I take pause to burn the images of jumping tarpon into my brain.
    Thanks for fishing that never fails to deliver!!
    P.S. I’m trying to sell the wife on my exercise routine of herding Mullet and Pin fish flopping around the boat. She ain’t buying it.