Friday, December 31, 2010

Cast and You Shall Recieve

The redfish population has exploded!  Yesterday we caught 30-40 redfish in about two hours.  Not only were the redfish biting - but mixed in with the reds we landed over 20 big trout, several very nice size mangrove snapper and hooked into 2 drag screaming snook (we landed one 6 pounder and lost an even bigger one)!  Wow!  All in one spot.  It was literally throw the line in the water and catch a fish.  Did I mention - we only fished for about 2 hours!
The action had been good all week - but the cold front Sunday had the bite a little slower earlier in the week.  Fishing was very good on Monday and Tuesday - Stu and Stu Frazer from Michigan got into 8-10 reds, some nice trout and limited out on some big mangrove snapper on Monday - and it was COLD.  The high was around 46 degrees and the wind was 15-25mph.  The Robinson family had great fishing Tuesday - duplicating Mondays catch.  Wednesday got a little better - Then the weather started to warm up.  The water started to warm and the fish turned on - big time - yesterday afternoon.  Mike Chapin from the Chicago area caught a fish nearly every cast.  He landed his first Backcountry Slam (redfish, trout, snook) and has a soar arm, a permanent smile and some great photos to prove it.  Days like this will be remembered for a lifetime.
These fish are in their winter patterns.  They are concentrated in the deeper holes, pockets and near the creek mouths and run offs.  The run-offs are where the water runs off the flat during a low/falling tide situation and it looks like a small stream running into the main channel.  The shrimp run with the falling tide and all predators are waiting for a good shrimp dinner.  They ambush the shrimp as they run with the water flow off the flats and into the deeper holes and pockets.  If you locate the right spot the action can be hot and heavy all day - hammer time!
The weather looks beautiful here for the next week.  Mid 70's and no snow!  The fishing should be great.  Give me a call and LETS GO FISHIN!!!!
Captain Steve Murray
Phone:  305 - 393 - 1641

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